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Yeong Ming Machine Industrial Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer and supplier for loss-in-weight feeding system. Our Pellet Mill features high efficiency high pressure blower features light weighted, durable, great suction power, easy installation and operation. ​We can supply professional feeding system for various kinds of materials.

Pellet Mill - Pelleting Machine/ Pellet Mill Machine for Animal Feed

SKU: PelletingMachineP
    • Pelleting Machine designed to suit local condition and meet your criteria of save and smooth operation, low maintenance cost, less wear parts, easy to operate, fully employ safety devices, perfect lubrication system, bigger and better production throughput.

    • Animal Feed Pelleting
    • Aqua Feed Pelleting
    • Aqua Feed Pelleting
    • Fertilizer Pelleting
    • Wooden Chips Pelleting
    • Deposit Dirt Pelleting
    • Kitchen Waste Pelleting
    • Cocopeat Pelleting
    • Herbage Pelleting
    • Environmental Recycling Pelleting
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