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Fine Grinder can be used in different kinds of industries. The material will be fed by feeder and enter the grinding chamber where the material will be ground or cut into small pieces. When the material becomes smaller than screen holes, it goes down to down-streaming flowing.

Hammer mill & Pulverizer - Fine Grinder

    • Distributing chute equipped with magnet to prevent iron chips from falling into grinding chamber.
    • Material: SS41.
    • Hardening treatment for beaters.
    • Clockwise and anti-clockwise rotation
    • With cylinder to control incoming direction of material.
    • Safety sensor at access door to shut down the machine right away once the door is opened.
    • Coupling driven.
    • 3000 RPM.
    • Vibration absorbers under the machine base .
    • Connecting flange provided.
    • Manual exchange for screens.
    • Temperature sensors for checking temperature of bearings and grinder chamber to protect machine and material. 
    • Signals of temperature can be transferred to control center.
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