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Rotating Drum Coater features its superior quality and high precision. Asides that, we also offer excellent Fertilizer Machine, Pellet Mill, Pellet Die and Wood Pellet Mill for over 36 years in Taiwan.

Fat Spray System Fat Coater - Rotating Drum Coater

  • Features:

    c/w inverter
    Spraying Rate: 2~5%
    1. Oil spray/dispenser: it operates continuously and automatically. The main unit is in drum type.
    2. Flow setting/operation panel: SP value can be put in and display of PV actual flow value; may be added with accumulation meter.
    3. According to the set flow (SP), the unit can automatically detect and adjust the actual flow (PV) and the value of error shall not exceed 1%.
    4. The unit may be operated manually or automatically: 

      • Theautomatic operation can automatically detect material conditions in feed buffer tank and intermediate tank of fish oil, so as to satisfy functional requirements for auto control and adjustment.
      • Speed of material feeding system is adjustable: for adjustment to feed material feeding and detect unit flow of feeds (KG/Hr)
      • The intermediate tank of oil : may be equipped with auto level switch for oil replenishment. The abnormal oil level shall actuate the alarm reminding the operator of taking trouble shooting actions.

    5. Ratio of feed and fish oil shall be range from 2 to 5%; the operator may set the flow to meet the actual operational requirements.

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