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Aside from Fat Spraying System, we also provide professional Animal Feed Machine, such as Feed Machine, Pellet Die, Feed Pulverizer, Feeds Crumbler, Aqua Feed Extruder, etc. We ensure that our products would always maintain in reasonable price but high quality. 

Fat Spraying System

SKU: YMFat-SprayingSys
  • Features:

    1.Distinguishing from spraying into mixer traditionally; the fat is sprayed into pellet after pellet mill. 
    2.This fat spraying system is controlled by PLC controller and manual; and it is also equipped with MMI (Man Machine Interface) data processor.
    3.The fat is absorbed onto the pellets then are being polished; therefore, the fines to fall off are reduced.
    4.Optimized pellet processing is attained by any commanded amount of fat spraying. 
    5.As market and cost consideration, product will be produced with low cost and high quality as well as more market competition.

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