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Our company specializes in manufacturing professional Hogwash Ferment Swivel. Besides that, we also offer Wood Pellet, Pellet Mill, Fertilizer Pellet Mill and Fertilizer Machine with competitive price and superior quality.

Composter - Hogwash Ferment Swivel

    • Overhead Ventilation System:
      Air is transmitted upwards from the bottom of fermenting trough by high-pressure ventilation. Stink will be recycled completely while YMFS Ferment Stirrer stirs poultry and livestock’s excrement and decomposes microorganism, speeds up drying of poultry and livestock’s urine, ferments poultry and livestock’s excrement and then turns out to be organism.
    • Automatic Single Machine Runs in Twin Trough:
      Different from the era of single trough with single machine, YMFS Ferment Stirrer System dramatically saves the cost. Swiveling wire connector revolutionizes the shortages of traditional bobbins and turns out to be uni-control system. Operation in stink trough is avoided.
    • Auto Discharging System After Ferment Finished:
      By moving forwards, poultry and livestock’s excrement can be moved forwards and will reach ferment prior to arrive discharging gate. Discharging and loading everyday are allowed. No need to neither wait for finish of stacking nor enter to the ferment trough to clean.
    • Auto Changing Troughs with Operator’s Inspection:
      Auto Changing Troughs with Operator’s Inspection is available. Running for 24 hrs is efficient.
    • Programmable Control System:
      Operation in the factory is no need from loading to packing. Proceeding schedule is adjustable according to the environment of the factory.
    • Electronic Sensor Device:
      YMFS Ferment Stirrer adapts two kinds of electronic sensors to prevent from breakdown. While one sensor is out of work, another one is still working.
    • Mechanical Safety Device:
      To prevent from falling of YMFS Ferment Stirrer due to wrong operation or breakdown of electronic device, special mechanical safety device is equipped on the connection of rails and wagon. YMFS Ferment Stirrer will not fall down due to inadequate operation, taking over of wagon, or any other reasons. 
      Trolley with high speed shall need inching location and multiple examinations to reach complete location. This system combines electronic and mechanical theory to obtain non-operator’s control.
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