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We provide various Animal Feed Machine, such as Rotary Drum Shifter, Feed Mill Machine and Fertilizer Pellet Mill. We constantly improve our technique and technology to provide the best product to our customer.

Cleaner/Sieve/Shifter -Turbo Sifter

  • Features:

    • Wide range of covers (from 0.8 to 20 mm) :
      * Metallic mesh made of stainless steel threads 
      * Perforated sheet steel
      * Perforated sheet stainless steel.
    • Cleaning of covers should be carried out after batches by using compressed air and rotating the shell (frame for the mesh)
    • Avoids the risk of cross-contamination between 2 successive batches
    • The covers are easy to change by way of the lateral doors
    • Reduced maintenance
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