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We are professional manufacturer of Sieve in Taiwan, specializing in manufacturing Drum Sieve for many years. In addition, we also provide Feed Machine and Fertilizer Machine with excellent performance.

Cleaner/Sieve/Sifter - Drum Sieve

    • A cylindrical sieve cage with a built-on conveying screw is mounted a mild steel housing. The raw materials﹐such as grains﹐maize﹐rice and similar products are taken in through the intake chute into the cleaning drum and are then conveyed through the sieve drum﹒ The clean products fall through the sieve and the foreign matters and impurities such as wooden pieces﹐stones﹐straw﹐paper, metal parts etc. are dropped into the discharge hopper and can be collected in a bag.

    • High throughput capacity﹐with small space and power requirement﹒
    • Reliable removal of long fibers﹒
    • The drum sieve can be changed with effortless ease within some minutes﹒
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