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We Are


Company History

Yeong Ming Machine Industrial Co., Ltd. was established in 1974 as a professional animal and organic compound fertilizer plant equipment manufacturer.

To conform to contemporary trends and keep up with rapid technological development, we have continuously developed various technology and products to create our own value.


Since our establishment, we have constantly upheld the principles of integrity and continuous service. By using a stable and practical attitude, we have provided our customers with high quality products and services. We not only have received excellent evaluation from domestic industries, but have also made our place in Southeast Asia.

Products & Services

We provide factory planning and equipment output for various industries such as livestock feed, fish and shrimp feed, organic fertilizer, and biomass energy pellet production equipment.


Our products include expander / extruder machines, hammer mills, pellet mills, dryers, coolers, vibration machines, all types of filters, crumblers, packing machines, etc. Our diversified products can satisfy various customer requirements.


In addition, we also provide fodder production technical ability, engineering design planning, machine equipment provision, equipment installation guide, test running, and personnel training services. 


These diversified products and services were developed with the perspective of customers. Yeong Ming always takes into account the customer’s position when arranging factories and planning the overall production process.


Thus, customers can possess high quality production process and save costs at the same time, thereby, increasing their competitiveness.

Quality Assurance

At Yeong Ming, we truly believe that no matter how future trends change, the only thing that stays true in the market is the demand for high quality products.


Therefore, we use computer assisted equipment to improve the accuracy of design blueprints and product structure analysis to develop high performance and high quality machines.


We use PLCs, computerization, and automation technology to reduce processing production costs and increase productivity. Furthermore, this allows managers to rapidly receive production information to control production quality.

Professional Development

To become a sustainable enterprise, a company must constantly be aware of market demands and develop new products.


However, developing new technology requires professional personnel. Thus, Yeong Ming not only conducts continuous development, but also values the cultivation of professional talent.


By allowing workers to continuously use new knowledge, accumulate experience, and develop innovative techniques, we build our corporate competitiveness. 

Future Prospects

Our sales and service locations include Taiwan and countries in the greater Asia region.


Today, we are actively developing business in various parts of the world to provide the best products and services, and to build an excellent brand image.


We will continue to sit at the forefront of the industry and develop new equipment that maximizes benefits for our customers. We will shine on the international stage with our customers, hand-in-hand.

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