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Machine automation is a reconstruction or replacement of existing control systems, electronics, actuators etc.


In this process, we replace faulty parts on old or defective line with the new ones, make a new control cabinet with all associated equipment, program, and parameterize it as well as prepare documentation for it.


PLC System

 - Industrial level PLC

 - Isolated between controlling cables and I/O

 - Current, RPM, Flow, and Temperature Display


MCC Panel

 - Calculation of energy savings, cost effectiveness
 - Delivery of distribution cabinet with related equipment management
 - Detailed documentation 


SCADA   Supervisory Control And Dada Acquisition (電腦圖控系統)

 - data acquisition, measurement of various physical quantities such as temperature, humidity, level , pressure, etc .


Old System Renewed

 - new equipment recommendations
 - new equipment installation
 - PLC programming and parameter setting 
 - preparation of terms of reference


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